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Blondie wants to sew too.  I think mainly because it forces me to give her undivided attention on her projects.  She is pretty self sufficient on the machine though. The blue strip is the painters tape I put on my machine as a sewing guide.  We laid the 5 inch squares on the floor and she arranged them into rows. She pinned the 5 inch blocks together herself.  The 5 inch blocks are more left overs from Gertrude. 

See my pile of projects beside her? I could live to be 200 years old and still not sew everything I would like to!


She wanted to learn to press her own seams – so I taught her to first set them and then to gently press them to one side.  It was one of her first times with the iron and I was a bit nervous. 



After she had her strips all sewn together she let me nest her seams, but she insisted on sewing them herself.



This is her sandwich – ready to be quilted.  The backing is a plaid that someone gave me tons of…

There is Brownie a la Mode photo bombing Blondie’s picture haha


I gave her two options – first an X through each square or a square within a square.  Two options I felt would be fairly simple as I am new to machine quilting.  She choose a square within a square.  I have to admit it was harder than I thought it would be to get all the squares perfect like the ones I have seen on quilts. I just rolled the backing fabric forward to do the binding and she picked a fancy stitch on my Bernina for the binding stitch which I did a multicolored quilting thread. 


She is very happy with her quilt.  She actually has it up in her bed by her pillow.  I am not sure that the American Doll gets to use it at all. Sisters and Mom, if you recognize any of the squares, let us know.  She would like to know the story of her fabrics as well. I should sew a label on their quilts. 

She tells her friends that she takes sewing classes and several Moms have asked who she takes lessons from.  I might teach a kids sewing class this summer. What would be great starter projects?  Blondie has done a pillow case and now a doll quilt. 

Happy Mid Week Wednesday.  How are you surviving Daylight Savings?  It is killing us – we are all dragging!!!!